London. Tuition fees rises: students protest. “Assault” to Rolls-Royce carrying Charles and Camilla

from the youtube channel of Jascender Italian article by Laura Guadalupi – English Translation by Nicoletta Pedullà and Caterina Barbaro – Revision by Veronica Core Checkmate to the king. This is what we think looking the videos of the British rioting students assaulting on the Roll-Royce that was carrying Charles, a king that actually is … Continua a leggere

Rome, small and medium publishers at “Più libri più liberi” fair

from the youtube channel of Compagnia del Libro Italian article by Alessandra Vitullo – English Translation by Lucia D’Addato and Fiorella Mastropierro The 9th edition of “Più libri più liberi”, the national book fair for small and medium publishers, is confirmed again as one of the most successful events in Rome, despite there were 52 … Continua a leggere

Wikileaks, open secrets and new facts not highlighted by the media

from the youtube channel of Bonsai TV Italian article written by Pierfrancesco Demilito – English Translation by Francesco Preziosa and Letizia Rainò – Revision by Giuseppe Rana The fact that Berlusconi enjoys in private parties was already well-known because he himself declared it to journalists few days after Ruby’s case had become famous. “Every once … Continua a leggere


Italian article written by Laura Fontana – English Translation by Letizia Rainò – Revision by Francesco Preziosa God save the Queen! I cannot imagine how many articles we have written on this matter, but writing one more, even lacking in banality, is our duty. Because we are all fond of the glorious monarchic line starting … Continua a leggere

Obama loses House majority in U.S. midterm elections

Italian article written by Tiziano Aceti – English translation by Lucia D’Addato and Giuseppe Rana – Revision by Giuseppe Rana U.S. president Barack Obama took a knock in the latest midterm elections by losing House majority. Nevertheless, he succeeded in retaining Senate majority. Indeed, Republicans won by a wide margin in the House and, despite … Continua a leggere