Italian article written by Barbara Maura – English Translation by Francesco Preziosa and Veronica Core – Revision by Micaela Tamburrini

The difference between people’s real and digital life is now ever slighter. The mainstream is spreading and the web, once a simple space dedicated to entertainment, grew into an ever more important instrument in the everyday life.

The evolution of the digital technology has been discussed during the fifth meeting of Eventoblog (EBE) 2010 held from 19th to 21st November, a pressing appointment for bloggers and Twitter fans all over the world.

This year, over 2,500 blog writers will meet in Seville to examine the evolution of blogs, the use of the digital technology and the new strategy developed by companies in the “network of the networks”. The crucial theme was how to invest in the Internet, a topic which was explored in view of the fact that, after five years, blogs, also defined as containers of personal experiences, became means of exchanging ideas and of conveying information for net surfers around the world, where the most clicked topics are currently fashion, aesthetics, cinema and videogames.

According to some surveys from the organization EBE 2010 Luis Rull: “Although 90% of blogs still follow an individual and private style, sometimes the aim of these kind of personal pages on the Web is to meet the need of all bloggers of feeling themselves useful and important in some way”. For example, during Eventblog, one of these bloggers, Samantha Koziner (www.sobrevivire.es) said that, in her own website she deals with couple relationships and there are lots of people who leave their own comments, often amusing but much more useful for other readers. Another blogger, Albert Medrán (www.albertmedran.com) shows and analyses on his own Web page some political details, trying to get more close to citizens using a simple and direct way.




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