Source of the picture: http://www.infoturisti.com

Italian article written by Laura Fontana – English Translation by Letizia Rainò – Revision by Francesco Preziosa

God save the Queen! I cannot imagine how many articles we have written on this matter, but writing one more, even lacking in banality, is our duty. Because we are all fond of the glorious monarchic line starting from Albion, which has been entertaining common people with its scandals and its touching, comical, magnificent, romantic and polemical stories for centuries. Windsor line is a brand that always blazed a trail, thus constructing the most royal reality of all times.

The undisputed, adamant, implacable star is Her Royal Highness Queen Elizabeth II, but she is also the monarch who holds all the records: she has travelled more than anyone else (even more than Pope John Paul II) and shows her brightly coloured overcoats and her indescribable hats. Forged with the same material as Stonehenge’s stones, she has overcome the Revolution of 1968, general strikes, the thatcherism, the blairism, restless daughters-in law and hot-headed grandchildren.


We shouldn’t be surprised if just two hours after the opening of the British Royal Family official fan page on Facebook, 80,000 people have pushed the button “Like”. At present, fans are 235,000.

The English Royal Family has been on the web for a long time. It has a superbly organized website (http://www.royal.gov.uk), a Youtube channel (The Royal Channel http://www.youtube.com/user/TheRoyalChannel) , a Twitter account (http://twitter.com/#!/BRITISHMONARCHY) and some other channels dedicated to Prince Charles, but, above all, to His sons William and Harry. Even if Charles and Diana’s first-born child is about to break his fans’ heart by marrying the bland Kate Middleton, we can take comfort just by leafing through the royal albums on Facebook.

Inspirer of the style of this article, the journalist Antonio Capranica reported that the Queen is new technology lover: indeed, rumour has it that she never parts from her Blackberry and that she also likes listening to music on her iPod (in this way she pleases both Apple’s and other smartphone devices’ fanatics). Furthermore, she is reported to have sent her first mail away back in 1976 in presence of Tim Bernes-Lee. God save the Queen!



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