Wikileaks, open secrets and new facts not highlighted by the media

from the youtube channel of Bonsai TV

Italian article written by Pierfrancesco Demilito – English Translation by Francesco Preziosa and Letizia Rainò – Revision by Giuseppe Rana

The fact that Berlusconi enjoys in private parties was already well-known because he himself declared it to journalists few days after Ruby’s case had become famous. “Every once in a while I need a relaxing night as a mental therapy to clean up my brain from all anxieties – had then said Berlusconi – at my age, no one can make me change the way of living I am very proud of”. Assange does not tell us anything new while explaining to us how partygoer Berlusconi is.

The indiscretions revealed over the last few days by Wikileaks website seem to be very obvious, and rather, in some cases, the opinions on the European leaders could even be considered as ridiculous. Angela Merkel is not creative, Sarkozy is authoritarian and Medvedev is uncertain. Nothing new, nothing that we did not know or expect, therefore they all are open secrets.

However, if you take a closer look at the numerous files spread by Wikileaks, something interesting can be found, even concerning Italy, which, nevertheless, has not attracted any kind of attention from the Italian media.

In a period in which there is a lot of talk about Wikileaks and Berlusconi’s “wild parties”, people talk much less about the American interests on the military base Dal Molin in Vicenza. It seems that the United States has decided to move to the Veneto region (in the northern Italy) Africom (United States African Command) soldiers, who will go to Africa just if the need arises. Initially, Rome has rejected this decision, but has later accepted it on the condition that this piece of news would not cause a media uproar. On November, 19th 2008, as reported by the Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera, the former American ambassador in Rome, Ronald Spogli, wrote to the then US Secretary of State, Condoleezza Rice:

“Initially, the officials of the Italian government hesitated to sign because they were worried about how and when the US armed forces in Italy could deploy in African areas of potential conflict. Finally, on the 1st of October, the Italian government accepted the settlement of Africom under-commands in the Italian military bases, but asked us to put off the announcement”.

Numerous cablegrams talk about economic and political interests of the Russian Federation and the American diplomats even imagined cold-war-like scenarios. As Wikileaks reported, “Eagle guardian” was the NATO’s most secret plan, developed to protect Poland, Estonia, Lithuania and Latvia from a possible Russian invasion.

“Nine NATO divisions (American, British, German and Polish ones) – as reported by the message sent by the US government to the NATO office in Brussels and published by the Guardian – were identified to participate in the combat operations in the case of an armed aggression against Poland or the three Baltic countries”.

Furthermore, the American ambassadors submitted comments on Karzai, considered as corrupted and charged with making secret and illicit agreements with drug dealers; on Pakistan, a country by now considered to be led by rioters; on Iran, which is supposed to be one of the leading financers of some Iraqi political groups; and, lastly, on China, tired of ongoing North Korea’s whims and supporter of the reunification of Korea.

In conclusion, the most important and the most politics-connected news items do not come from Europe. According to the United States, the old continent, as it is described in the cablegrams spread by the website founded by Julian Assange, is merely a land of political dwarves.



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