London. Tuition fees rises: students protest. “Assault” to Rolls-Royce carrying Charles and Camilla

from the youtube channel of Jascender

Italian article by Laura Guadalupi – English Translation by Nicoletta Pedullà and Caterina Barbaro – Revision by Veronica Core

Checkmate to the king. This is what we think looking the videos of the British rioting students assaulting on the Roll-Royce that was carrying Charles, a king that actually is still (eternal) heir to the throne, and his wife Camilla, to the London Palladium theatre in the evening of December 9, Thursday.

In this way, thanks to an accidental series of coincidences, this event takes place in West End, fulcrum of the most glamour life in London. Maybe, this is, for the media, the most representative event of this urban guerrilla warfare that is inflaming streets and students’ hearts for weeks. Protesters, putting away the typical cool moderation of the British people, went to the streets (it doesn’t happen for a long time) to give public vent to generation anger towards a government policy that they consider hostile and oppressive. Violence causes violence again; the following day, the first toll is forty injured, ten arrested people, twelve hospitalized policemen and a twenty-year-old boy, Alfie Meadows, operated in the head because of the blows with the truncheon that he got in the notorious retaining cages in which he was shut in.

In confirmation of the seriousness of the situation, there is the action of police on horse back that, as BBC said, hasn’t acted to re-establish public order since the day of the strike of miners against Thatcher. The “day after” is a bitter day for the Prime Minister, who launches a strong message: “Naturally there is the right to protest, but it doesn’t exist the right to invade London streets and use violence. It is not acceptable”. David Cameron goes on saying: “I want to say to the vandals I hope they face the full force of law”.

While the incredible waves of violence continue to be unanimously condemned from the Laburist leader Ed Miliband, who on his Twitter page affirmed to Sir Paul Stephenson, the head of police department of London that “the violence of yesterday was unacceptable” ; according to reports he said: “I was going to say demonstrators but I’d rather describe them as thugs”. On the other hand, it is just Scotland Yard to be under indictment, more precisely for the third time in less than two months, because of its methods, considered excessively repressive and also because it was not able to avoid the attack against the royal couple.

Currently, the controversy as regard to the pubblic order and security is at the centre of the debate: meanwhile, among the seats of the House of Common the relevant question that has started the guerrilla has been already solved. But this is not enough. The increase of the tuition fees was approved: they will increase form 3000 to 9000 pounds per year, that corresponds to almost 11000 euros: according to the present data the UK represents the country with the most expensive colleges and universities worldwide. It is also true that government provide students with the possibilità to obtain subsidized loans, which anyway have to be paid back in 20 years.

The solution is not easy to find neither for the government, which is dealing with a deep splitting in its coalition. During the electoral campaing the Lib-Dem party of Nick Clegg affirmed to be totally against the increase of the tuition fees, without mentioning that after they would have approved the present reform. It is just this cheating action that pounced the students on Nick Clegg and his party, increasing also the violence along the roads. Now, we have only to wait for what will happen in the next months, which are crucial to try to recover from the all those promises never been keeped.



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